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By Dan Fryda

The spa industry saw its world turned upside down this past year. Many spas suffered from being shut down temporarily and those that stayed open saw their ability to offer full services curtailed. On top of that, clients had been less comfortable going into spas, so they ordered more skincare online which is a trend that will likely continue.

Consumers were searching for alternate solutions to keep up with their wellness routines. Do-it-yourself facial kits and bath regimens drew increased interest. The beneficiaries of this crisis are companies with robust online presences, and most of your own vendors are only too happy to provide products directly to your clients at a discounted rate.

This unfortunate pandemic has been devastating to many businesses, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you are looking to avoid being merely a “product showroom” for your vendors, consider branding your own line. Private label branding offers spas the opportunity to sell amazing, unique skin care products that can't be found anywhere else. Your clientele will fall in love with these products when they visit for treatments or try your product from your online retail store and they will only be able to obtain them directly from you.

With our private label services, you can offer high end products to your client base under your own brand name. The advantages are more evident now than ever:

· Client Loyalty: Once your clients have appreciated the quality of the products you are offering, they will return to you for replenishment.

· Exclusivity: You are the only source of your exclusive brand.

· Marketing on Delivery: Every time you mail out a product to a customer, you can include a promotion inviting them to try a new product, return for a new service, a website code or coupon, or to return for their vacation stay.

Spa Technologies offers spas a full-service approach to help spas navigate through the perils of this pandemic and avoid losing sales to other online retailers and vendors. We offer:

· Quality natural formulas for skin and body. We have 30 years experience in developing marine and botanically based products for spas all over the globe.

· State of the art ingredients with proven success in tackling a wide range of skin problems.

· Packaging choices to meet your spa’s market positioning.

· Low minimum quantities to get you started — critical in times when sales and cash flows are tight and unpredictable. 

· Design assistance for placement of your logo, or full logo design if needed (fee-based service).

· Training Manuals featuring product profiles identifying the benefits of each ingredient in your products as well as methods and procedures.

· On-site training for facials, wraps and more, just as you would expect from traditional vendors.

· Custom formulations and signature fragrance development where needed (these are fee-based services).

It’s easy to get started! Just call our offices at 845-589-0000 (or email us at and speak with our brand development team. You don’t have to concede your retail revenues to bigger online corporations. The solution to thriving in these trying times is not as far out of reach as you would think.

Click HERE for more information on private labels and branding.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Dan Fryda,


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