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By Dan Fryda

Face oils have been replacing traditional creams and moisturizers for the past decade, and economic forecasts project even stronger growth over the upcoming decade. Essential and botanical oils have been used for centuries for their aromatherapy and skin healing benefits. It’s no surprise that face oils have regained their popularity; they are simple, natural and very effective. At Spa Technologies, we have been working with these 100% natural formulations for three decades with great success. 


Aromatherapy Face Oils are a blend of essential oils infused in a base of skin nourishing botanical oils.  In addition to their aromatherapeutic benefits, essential oils as well as botanical oils contain powerful nutrients making every ingredient used in our face oils an active ingredient.


We use a variety of botanical oils to provide the skin with vital nutrients. Rosehip oil is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, sea buckthorn oil provides omega-7 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory benefits, laminaria (seaweed) oil is rich in nutrients such as phytosterols, sunflower oil contains oleic acid, astaxanthin is used for its powerful antioxidants as well as vitamin C Esters and vitamin E oil. Recently, we’ve added a line of face oils containing organic CBD oil to further enhance our oil’s anti-inflammatory properties.


Essential oils provide a wide range of skin rejuvenating properties from promoting cellular renewal, increasing circulation, reducing inflammation, fighting harmful bacteria, and reducing skin redness in order to even out skin tone. Our chemists choose blends of essential and botanical oils to aid in a variety of skin issues such as acne, aging, dryness, irritation, hyperpigmentation and more.


It is no surprise that these blends of essential and botanical oils are gaining more attention for those seeking a 100% natural solution to their skin care needs. Check out our available face oils below and read their descriptions to find out which products you’d like to add to your line.


Hydrating Oil C&E:  Ideal for dry skin conditions and blended with seaweed based laminaria and coconut oils, Hydrating C&E Oil moisturizes with non-greasy absorption while antioxidants C&E help defend cells against free radicals. Featuring soothing roman chamomile and lavender essential oils.


Regenerative Oil:  Our ultimate anti-aging blend, features ylang ylang, vetiver, clary sage and grapefruit essential oils.  Antioxidants from astaxanthin, Vitamins C&E, and omega fatty acids work to defend cellular integrity while stimulating cellular renewal.


Blemish Oil:  This blend features tea tree, thyme and lavender essential oils to help remove bacteria and calm inflammation to support clear, blemish free skin.  Antioxidants further defend your skin against pollution and environmental aging factors.


Bio-Active Marine Complex:  This concentrate restores minerals and vital elements that reduce fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin tone and vitality. Skin will feel silky smooth.


Sensitive Oil:  For the most sensitive skin conditions, clary sage and carrot seed oils are added to promote skin healing while astaxanthin and vitamin C esters are added for strong antioxidant protection. Featuring flowery neroli and lavender essential oils.


Night Repair Serum with CBD:  Shea and coconut butters make this blend a soothing night treatment for dry, damaged skin.  Clary sage and vetiver work with laminaria oil and astaxanthin to leave your skin dewy and restored by the next morning.


For more information on how to use our face oils, tips and tricks, or questions please contact me at or call us at  845-589-0000.

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