Luxury skincare trusted for over 30 years

Find out why top spas and estheticians have trusted our formulas for over 3 decades!

Enjoy long summer days with our new SPF 45!

Our Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer is now available in SPF 45 and SPF 45 Tinted! Just as moisturizing with the same nourishing ingredients and amazing scent as our original Eco Defense Daily Moisturizer.

This face cream is totally the best!

"I have been using Marine Repair cream for almost ten years and it is the best thing I have ever found. Plus, the folks at Spa Technology are awesome - great customer service!" -Customer, Chai

Great Serum

"After I wash my face in the morning, I start my routine with this serum. It is like a thin gel. Goes on so easily and my skin absorbs it quickly. I can add on more serums or lotions on top without any problem. Keeps my skin nice and moisturized. A staple!" -Customer, KLee

Save your skin & the ocean

Donate to the ocean conservation organization of your choice. Just look for the donation button on any product profile page.