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Spa Technologies Private Label

Introducing private-label products requires a well-thought-out strategy. Your products should be connected to the vision and mission of your brand, whether it is a signature aroma or packaging consistent with your branding. 

Our products support your commitment to providing superb skin and body care formulations using clean and natural ingredients. We never test on animals.

We offer an extensive variety of outstanding products for retail and professional use. Whether your clients are dealing with sensitive skin, fine lines, breakouts, or dryness, we have a complete range of products that will address their concerns.

Spa Technologies can satisfy the needs of even the most discerning skin or body care professionals. From daily cleansers, professional exfoliants, powerful anti-aging serums, and aromatherapy oils to travel kits, we have what you need to create an impressive, full-range product line for the face and body.

Packaging & Label Design
Our design and packaging team is here to help your team with label design best practices, printing options, packing options, and more. 

To browse our standard packaging options CLICK HERE.

Custom packing options are the responsibility of the client, but we are happy to help and offer logistical support.

High-Quality Labels
Label quality makes a difference. Our printer provides full-bleed clear or white, water and scratch-resistant high-end labels, with 4-color processing or specific PMS colors. We can refer you to our printer who we work with closely. You are also welcome to use a printer that you trust.

Custom Formulas
We have a full line of high-quality products to choose from, but if you have something else in mind we can work with you to create a custom formulation to fit your vision. Please note that custom formulations take time to perfect, and incur additional costs.

Product Support & Training
We offer a number of ways for you to learn about our product line, both before and after you become a client. In addition to product knowledge, Spa Technologies offers webinars and in-person training. Contact us for more information.

What is the minimum number of pieces per SKU?
Please call or email us to talk about what makes sense for your business. 

Can I purchase samples?
Yes. We support your growing business by offering a sample kit.

Can I add “bar codes” to my labels?
Yes. If you already have been registered and have a bar code, send your info with your purchase order. To obtain your UPC Registration Number, go to for more information.

How do you ship my order?
We use UPS, our most reliable and cost-effective method to ship your products. Freight is additional to the price of the products. We can give you a quote based on the size of your order. 

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX and business checks with pre-approval. Exchanges, refunds or returns are accepted on any of our products if they are damaged or opened. Call us as soon as you can. We understand that unforeseen events can happen. We want you to be 100% satisfied.

What kind of product testing to you do?

We source our raw ingredients from very ethical, well-respected labs. We have access to all their (non-animal) in vitro and in vivo testing on the ingredients–for sensitivity and effectiveness. Once we create the formulas we do in vivo testing on our team of volunteers–who have a variety of skin types, ethnicities, geographic locations, ages, etc. We gather that data and adjust formulation as needed to come up with a product that meets our goals. That process can take over a year, depending on the results of the tests. Or it can take as little as a few months for simple products Once that’s done, we begin microbiological testing of the product, ensuring its stability under temperature extremes, ability to effectively handle introduced pathogens, etc. That process is usually about two months. After that, we do periodic tests of our control batches to ensure that over time the product is remaining stable.

Do you test on animals?
We test our products on human volunteers, not other animals. In addition, we use vegetable-derived replacements for ingredients that are traditionally animal-based.

For questions not answered here, or to begin your private label brand, call us at 845-589-0000 or email us at