Do you test on animals? No. We never have and never will.

Are Spa Technologies vegan? 99%. We use organic honey and bees wax in some products. We believe that beekeeping helps the greater good of the bees and the planet.

Do you use fragrance or essential oils? We do not use synthetic fragrances, but many of our products do contain specifically chosen essential oils. We choose essential oil blends based on their aromatherapy and skin health benefits. We understand that some people are sensitive to essential oils, in which case we recommend using the search function on our site and searching for "unscented". 

What does organic mean to Spa Technologies? In the case of seaweeds and algae, we know our individual farmers and the certifier. Each ingredient is completely unrefined and we never use any chemical solvents at our laboratory for extracts, so no trace chemicals are left behind. We stand behind our vendor and certifiers for the best quality ingredients.

Do you use Bio-Active Extracts? Yes. We believe that there are special occasions for the use of certain bio-active extracts.  These include anti-inflammatories such as Omega-3, 6 and Omega-7 fatty acids derived from micro-algae; antioxidants such as astaxanthin and polyphenols also extracted from micro-algae; polypeptides extracted from Irish Moss harvested off the coast of Greenland; DNA repairing enzymes extracted from plankton and more.  These actives are clinically tested and work well in our organic soup of seaweed gels.

Are your products gluten-free? YES!  There is absolutely no gluten nor any wheat derived ingredients

Is your packaging recyclable? All of our bottles and jars are recyclable. Unfortunately, our airless pumps are not recyclable at this time. We are currently researching alternative options for our airless packaging in order to move in the most eco-friendly direction we can. If you have any suggestions on eco-friendly packaging options, please contact us, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Why do you use airless pumps? Airless pumps are the most hygienic, sturdy and leak proof packaging on the market. Airless pumps also offer our customers the ability to use every last drop of product. 

Are Spa Technologies products effective at producing anti-aging results? Yes. In fact, in the short and long term – The algae in Spa Technologies products represent a diverse array of ocean flora. The ocean is the ultimate mineral water whose chemistry is virtually identical to that of the human body. These algae are concentrates of the ocean’s life force—minerals, trace elements, amino acids, beta-carotenes, phyto-hormones, enzymes and more—and all of which are naturally balanced and bio-available. There are some 30,000 species of algae that are divided according to their colors: green-brown, red, white and blue-green families. Their main benefits are to provide intense nourishment to skin and to restore it to a healthy glow.

Further, when we nourish our skin with nutrients from whole algae, all of these vital nutrients are delivered in their original balance making the bio-compatible.  Due to the fact that all of the co-factors in seaweed nutrients are provided in this bio-compatible way means that your skin can put them to productive use to stimulate healthier cells resulting in a more vibrant skin tone.

How are the products preserved? We use mostly plant based preservatives, but maintain a commitment to providing you with formulas that are safe and uncompromised by harmful contamination. We do not use any parabens or formaldehyde. Products that require preservatives are typically stabilized with a radish root ferment.

Why do we use Liquid Oxygen in our anti-aging products? Liquid Oxygen is a blend of Perfluorodecalin and Perfluorhexane. Liquid Oxygen optimizes cellular metabolism for faster cell renewal and can aid in healing. Hospitals bathe human organs in liquid oxygen to keep them viable before an organ replacement and the U.S. Army has recently signed a contract to study its effect on the treatment of burns. However, Perfluorodecalin and Perfluorhexane are not organic but we feel they are vital for cellular health.

Which Spa Technologies products offer sun protection? We have one daily moristurizer (Eco-Defense Daily Moisturizer–SPF-30 offering protection against U/V rays and fortified with antioxidants.  The active ingredients are a blend of Zinc oxide and Rhatany root extract and leaves the skin with a silky feeling providing invisible protection.

Are Spa Technologies products safe during pregnancy? We recommend discussing your skin care regime with your holistic health care practitioner. Every person is different, and responds differently to different foods and different plants during the time of pregnancy.


Product Usage:

Many Spa Technologies products use all natural ingredients that are responsible for their colors.  This includes antioxidant and chlorophyll levels found naturally in our organic ingredients. That is why some product colors can vary from batch to batch.

Is putting oil on my skin going to make me break out? Not always. In fact, the lipid layer (top layer of sebum/oil on our skin) actually prevents breakouts, as well as aging. Many of our essential oils are antibacterial. Protecting our lipid layer is essential to having healthy, clear, and youthful skin. Removing it daily will only put the skin under duress and can lead to inflammation. In fact the use of oils for skin hydration has doubled over the past five years in the United States.

What if I have plant allergies or react to product easily? Please read the ingredients to see if you recognize any plants you may be allergic to. You also have the option of buying the mini size of the product and doing a patch test on your arm. If you have an allergic reaction, you are free to return the product within 30 days. We have found that allergic reactions are not common. Feel free to email or call us if you are concerned about a reaction you are experiencing. If the reaction is severe, of course, please stop using the product and call your doctor.

What is the shelf life of your products? We guarantee the life of our products for 1 year from their manufacture date. That date can be found on a sticker on the bottom of the bottle or jar. That said, the majority of our products like our serums, balms, masks, and cleansers are stable for much longer than 1 year.


Customer Accounts:

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How fast will my order arrive? We ship most orders within 72 hours of purchase, Mon - Fri. In rare cases, some orders may take longer than 72 hours to fulfill. We ship UPS priority for orders within the US, which takes 2-3 business days upon request. 

Do you ship internationally? We typically do not ship internationally. If you would like special consideration, please email us at info@spatechnologies.

Who is your shipping provider? For most orders we ship regular UPS. I you have a specific request please call our office, or specify during the check out process.

Do you take returns? We do not take returns on opened items after 60 days.