Our products use high percentages of seaweed and other active ingredients to make sure our customers get the most benefits possible from their skincare routines.
Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that protect cells against environmental aggressors such as ultra-violet radiation, pollution, smoking and deficient nutrition which is why all of our products include at least one kind of seaweed based ingredient. Our seaweed is sustainably harvested off the coast of Brittany in France.
Seawater contains almost identical chemistry as blood plasma, lymph and the fluids of the human body. From seawater, seaweed absorbs the same concentration of minerals and essential elements that our bodies need to survive.
We turn to the ocean to restore, replenish and purify the ocean that is within all of us. We invite the healing ocean into our bodies to improve our quality of life and build our resistance against environmental aging aggressors.
To learn more about the benefits of seaweed based skin care products, visit our BLOG page.