Bath Powders

Sea Cal Bath Powder

Sea Cal Bath Powder

One of our favorites, this mineral-rich milky bath powder is formulated with Calcium, Magnesium and Spirulina for deep hydration and a proprietary Aromatherapy Complex that eliminates water retention. Use in conjunction with a detox or slimming program.



Size: 16 oz /? ml

Key Ingredients

Lithothamnium White Algae: Anti-inflammatory marine source of Calcium & Magnesium; reduces fluid retention Laminaria Brown Algae, Fuxocanthan & Organic
Iodine: Rich source of trace elements and minerals; slimming properties
Marine Diatoms: Calcium rich micro-algae promotes drainage
Spirulina: Rich source of amino acids, trace elements and chlorophyll
Rosemary: Detoxifying, drains
clary Sage: Balancing